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    Small Lot? 3 Septic System Options for Small Yards

    If you are building a home on a small plot of land that is not connected to a municipal wastewater treatment plant, then you may fear that the septic system you need will not fit in your yard. Your fears may be greatly relieved when you learn that there are many steps your septic tank design and installation expert can take to help fit a septic system on even a very small plot of land. 
    Read on to learn septic system options that are perfect for small yards, like yours. 
    1. A Traffic-Bearing Septic Tanks 
    One way to help a septic system fit into a small yard is to place the tank in a strategic location. While it is important to never drive over a standard septic tank, there are special septic tanks that can withstand the weight of vehicles being driven over them without suffering damage. These special tanks are called traffic-bearing tanks, and they can be placed under a home driveway if necessary. 
    These tanks have thicker top walls, top slabs, and bottom slabs than traditional septic tanks, are made of stronger concrete than standard septic tanks. 
    You need to take some special precautions when installing a septic tank under a driveway to ensure the septic tank lids are accessible for pumping and regular inspections. 
    2. Smaller Drain Field Designs 
    Your septic tank itself only performs part of your home wastewater treatment. After wastewater leaves your septic tank, a properly designed drain field completes the water processing. A drain field can take up much more space in a yard than a septic tank, so a careful design is very important in a small yard. 
    The most common type of drain field used in residential applications is a gravel leach field, which can occupy a large amount of land. The size of a gravel drain field required depends highly on the type of soil present in a yard, so depending on the type of soil in your yard, this may or may not be an option that will fit into your small yard. 
    If your contractor determines that your soil condition requires a gravel drain field too large for your yard to accommodate, there are other drain field options that take up much less land space. Two smaller drain field options are leach pits and mound drain fields. 
    Leach pits extend deeper into the ground than leach fields and filter water in a more vertical fashion that requires less land space. Mound drain fields process much of the wastewater released from your septic tank in a mound created on top of your yard that consists mainly of sand and gravel. 
    3. Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems 
    If your contractor determines that you have too little land space for a traditional septic system, then consider an alternative onsite sewage system. Many of these systems take up less space than traditional septic systems, and one may be perfect for you and your family. 
    One type of alternative onsite sewage system is an aerobic treatment unit (ATU). Unlike traditional septic tanks, aerobic treatment units introduce air into the waste in the tank to encourage the growth of bacteria that thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. These bacteria break down waste much more effectively than the anaerobic bacteria in a traditional septic tank. 
    Once the aerobic bacteria successfully break down the waste in the ATU, the water is typically disinfected with chlorine or a UV sanitizer before it is released into the environment. 
    If you would like to build a home on a small plot of land in an area not served by a municipal wastewater treatment plant, then you may worry that your land space will not accommodate a septic system. However, realize that many septic systems have been designed to fit into small yards, like yours, and there are septic system alternatives that can fit into even the smallest yards. Reach out to C.S. Hines to discuss your septic system installation needs today. 
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